Why Does Sonny's Candles Use Soy Wax?

  • 100% Natural Product
  • Clean Burning
  • Slower Burn


Are your Fragrances Phthalate Free?

  • Yes, we use all phthalate free oils for our products


Why does it look like the candle is pulling away from the jar?

  • This is called a "wet spot."  Wet spots occur when wax pulls away from the glass edge. The science is relatively simple: wax expands when it heats up and contracts as it cools.  Candle making involves melting wax into a liquid (expansion) then pouring it into a glass jar where it cools down (contraction). The most dramatic volume change happens right after pouring the candle. Candles usually go through small temperature changes throughout their existence. Anytime the temperature changes, candle wax risks pulling away from the jar sides. This can happen during curing, shipping, and storing the candle, and preventing it is very hard to do. When this happens it is truly cosmetic and does not affect the candle. 


How long should the initial burn be?

  • The initial burn should be around 3 hours.  I know this sounds funny, but you need to plan when burning your candle for the first time.  The initial burn is important to the life of the candle.  This will create the full melt pool which teaches the wax to burn properly.  After that, you should never burn your candle for more than 4 hours.


Is it important to trim the wick?

  • Trimming the wick will also help with extending the burn time of the candle.  Trimming the wick on the initial burn to 1/4" and then burn for the initial 3 hours (or full melt pool).  After the first burn, always trim your wooden wick to about 1/4".


Do you accept returns?